The Beginning Of Inception Book Club

For many years I’ve been passionate about women empowerment and seeing women come together to support each other. When I was a teenager, about 15 years old, my dad went from buying me teen magazines to buying me magazines like True Love, which used to cover a lot successful women. At the time I remember thinking to myself “Why is he buying me old peoples magazines?” but once I started reading them I fell in love..

Reading about the success stories of others was amazing! I was taken into a world that opened up my eyes to how big I could dream. The kind of inspiration I received was very important, especially being a young girl from Soweto where I had limited exposure to what the world had to offer. That one magazine opened up doors for more great reads. I had always been an avid reader but I suddenly developed an interest for autobiographies and books about personal development.

Fast forward to Varsity, I started attending talks with inspirational speakers and panels of discussions about different topics that interested me. The topics would always skew towards business and women’s issues. While I enjoyed attending these different events and reading great books it bothered me that not everyone knew about them, particular my peers, and secondly there was always a limited amount time to engage with people during the networking sessions. I then started thinking of a ways I could bring together women on a regular basis to learn and engage in interesting topics, open up a platform for networking and that’s where the idea for Inception Book Club came from.

For me a book club made sense because it meant that each member would generate different knowledge monthly and most importantly, young women from different walks of life could connect.

I invited a friend and that friend invited a friend. We started with 10 members and month on month we’ve been growing. The beauty of it has been reading different genres of books, some I would never selected myself and getting to engage on different topics with different women. I have also loved seeing how friendships have developed over time and we have even become each other’s go to place to get advice and referrals on anything and everything.

The past year spent with the ladies has truly demonstrated to me the true power and beauty of #Sisterhood. I can’t wait to continue engaging with them and welcoming new members to the book club.

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