Year Of Yes - Shonda Rhimes

One of the funniest things I get to experience every month at book club is when we vote for the next book we will be reading. People put through their book suggestions then the voting begins. What usually happens is that two or three books are the favorites so the ladies rally behind their favorite books. It feels like we are at the elections but only a really funny version, these ladies are real characters! In the month we voted for Shonda’s book, Year Of Yes, it was a bit different because everyone said YESSSSS!

Shonda Rhimes is the multi-award winning writer and television producer of shows such as Greys Anatomy, Scandal (The Fixer) and How To Get Away With Murder. What I love about the shows she has written or produced is that they depict black women as powerful and in control of their own destinies, think of Olivier Pope and Annalise.

In the Book, Year Of Yes, she shares her experience of the year she decided to get out of her comfort zone and say yes to the things she had not been doing in her life. What inspired her to go on the journey of saying Yes was her sister, Delorse, who pointed out to her that she never says yes to anything. She realized that her sister was right and that made her take up the challenge to start a YEAR OF YES, which meant that she would say yes to doing the things she had previously been saying no to.

The Year Of Yes saw her going on a weight loss journey, playing with her kids more, doing media appearances, attending social events, giving a commencement speech at her former University and accepting awards. What I found interesting about the book is that when I think of people who have done as well as Shonda has in her career, I often assume that they have got it all together but this book shows that we are all on a constant journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Her YEAR OF YES made me reflect on my own life and think of all the things I am currently saying NO to because of fear or “lack of time”.

Shonda also shares her experience of having children via adoption and surrogacy as well as why she committed to never get married. She writes about her family structure, the important role her nanny plays in her life and how she has taught her kids that mommy works so she can’t always be there even though she loves them dearly. I found this refreshing because far too many times women feel the pressure to live according to the standards of society and what Shonda is doing is living her life according to her rules.

Reading this book will certainly open up your eyes and have you inspired to want to start your own YEAR OF YES. Shonda is also funny so you will feel like you are having a conversation with your bestie.

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